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What You Wear Affects Your Body Language

Did you know your body language changes according to what you wear? 

It most certainly does – and everything about your attitude changes as well. I want you to think about how you feel when you wear your favorite comfortable clothes. Maybe for you it is lounge wear…loose fitting pants and an over-sized shirt. You are probably smiling right about now and feeling a bit of a shift in your energy at the anticipation of those clothes. Your thoughts get a bit cozier and your heart rate shifted down a bit into a relax state. If I were to look at you, your shoulders most likely dropped, your eyebrows raised in a happy arch, and the side of your mouth turned up a bit with a smile.  That is all with just the thought. 

What You Wear Impacts Your Non-Verbal Language

So now, if your outfit now is an one that is uncomfortable and maybe a bit stiff, what do you think your silent language says to that? You guessed it….I am miserable uncomfortable and can’t wait to get out of here. Now, as an observer I will assume it is about me or the situation, not the you are wearing clothes making you feel that way. You may be speaking well and really informative on what you are presenting, but your body language might be giving people another impression. 

Now, when you see people who are full of confidence and exude this amazing vibrant energy from them, their non-verbal communication is speaking that to you. More times than not, when I have remarked on someone looking so confident they will tell me I have on my lucky blouse, or my lucky pants, maybe it’s an entire outfit that makes them feel this way. Most often when asked it relays back to a piece of their clothing or even an accessory. 

Woman in Teeshirt | What You Wear Affects Your Body Language | DYPU

So it seems kind of strange doesn’t it? That by wearing something you adopt characteristics associated with that item. What you wear can make you feel happy, powerful or confident. 

Also did you realize that you can impact people’s ability to trust and know you ?  I know you are asking HOW??

So, you want to be seen as say a creative person, then you need to dress that way. If you dress conservative and let’s say a bit bland, well why would I trust you telling me you are creative? Nothing about you, your body language or the way you dress says you are creative. Now if you love fun funky colors and they make you feel good and happy, wear that, then when you tell me you are creative, I buy that. I trust that. Why? Because I see that about you. I know what you are saying matches what I see. Make sense? 

So if you are a person who you want people to see as grounded, down to earth and centered. Dress that way. Don’t dress how you think you should be seen, dress for who you are. That is what builds up the trust in your authenticity.

I hope I gave you a better understanding of how what you wear impacts how your body language communicates to those around you. I encourage you, for your next big event, dress in a way that is authentic to you, that makes you feel confident and matches your personality. You will thank yourself later. 

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