The DYPU Facebook Live CHALLENGE

Are you struggling with your business content?

Everyone tells you that Facebook lives are great, but how the heck do you do one? What do you talk about? What if you’re afraid?

If that’s you, hold onto your seat because next week is DESIGNED to help!

There are 3 stages clients go through before they pay you.

Attention – they have to find you, and learn that you are someone who has a service they need.

Trust – They have to trust that you are someone they want to give their time, energy or money to.

Action – They need a way to actually hire, and pay you.

While a Facebook live isn’t going to have a big PAY HERE button, it does work with the first 2 of these REALLY WELL

They get attention

The Facebook algorithm is a BITCH. Seriously, it’s an uphill battle often just to get people to SEE your content.

Know what it LOVES though? Yep, lives. It will notify everyone you’re live and show it near the top of their feed. The more engagement you get, the more it loves it.

If you’re annoyed that your business page has like 800 followers and your posts only get 2-3 likes, you should try out some lives!

They build trust

A Facebook live is a small glimpse into your life. They are raw and uncensored and often present the realest version of yourself to your audience.

This builds trust faster than ANY other method out there.

Don’t be afraid of making funny faces, they make you relatable!

I’m SOLD! Now what do I say in them?

Ahhhh… here is the kicker – in order to accomplish the above, you have to have a good message.

One that showcases what you offer.

A message that tells the world what you are all about.

Something that puts your personality and style on display to attract YOUR people.

The good news is that starting next Monday (Feb 10th, 2020) I’m starting a FREE challenge designed to teach you how to do ALL of this and then some.

This will be a 7 day Facebook Live challenge in our FREE Facebook group open to ALL.

EACH DAY you will go live, and speak to the assigned topic of the day. Somewhere PUBLIC where your HELL YES audience can find you.

You will have advice, love and support the whole way.

AND you can WIN a prize!

The two people who bring the MOST people into the challenge will get a copy of our Self Care Planner from Amazon. This is a 100 page book designed to help you take care of your mind, body and spirit!

Simply share this challenge with anyone you feel would benifit from it. I will have a sign up thread pinned in the group – ask your friends to tag you in a comment on that thread for you to get credit.

That part starts TODAY so you have a FULL week to bring more people in!

Keep an eye in the group for more updates as well as tips and tricks if you’re camera shy for lives.

If you’re ready to kick your content game up a notch and attract your REAL HELL YAH people join up today!

Join our FREE Facebook group to join in the challenge TODAY!

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DiscoverYourPathU LLC Board of Directors - Misty Flanagan, CMO

Hello! I’m one of the founders of DYPU and the Chief Marketing Officer.

The proud owner of Down-Home Me, a wife, a Texan and a dog momma.

I work with clients to coach and provide consultation on all things around your personal brand as a coach. 

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Hello! I’m Misty, one of the founders of DYPU and the Chief Marketing Officer. I am also the owner of Coaching By Misty, a wife, a Texan and a dog momma. I work with clients to coach and provide consultation on all things around your personal brand as a coach. My passion, and my purpose, is to work with coaches to help them get THEIR voice into the world. To be fully, authentically themselves and show that to potential clients. I firmly believe that the right story in the right place can change a life, and if you’re not telling yours, you are missing that opportunity. You can find me on any social media platform @coachingbymisty - see you there!

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