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    Rock bottom: how to make it the best place to start

    What is rock bottom and do you even need to hit it in order to make changes? Is rock bottom the place where life truly begins? How do you come back from rock bottom? Resources to rebuild yourself. What success stories do you relate to?

  • learn-something-new

    How to learn something every day and boost your self esteem

    When I was 27 years old or so, I met a “old” lawyer (in his mid to late fifties), with two or three Master’s Degrees from various international universities, and a wealth of international experience. All I could think of at the time was “I want to be like him”. I was so in awe of his confidence and knowledge. Of course, looking back now, I realize that this confidence and knowledge came from all the effort he put into acquiring it and that along the way he was a beginner many times. But that drove me to attempt to boost my studies and experience in ways I might not…