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    From rock bottom: the only way is up!

    Everyone has a different definition of "rock bottom". We experience it from our perspective, and yet there are lessons we share in common. Every life can teach and everyone can grow - how do your life lessons help someone else climb up and out?

  • 'A New Dawn' by Samantha Dee | Thirty Days of Wellness | Online Course | Udemy | Health & Wellness

    On the Bed with Sammy Dee

    (Why making your bed every day might be the best thing you ever do) Do you ever have one of those days where you’re busy busy but at the end of the day feel like you’ve completed or accomplished nothing?

  • 'A New Dawn' by Samantha Dee | Thirty Days of Wellness | Online Course | Udemy | Health & Wellness

    Why That Fricken’ Headache Won’t Go Away

    (Managing pain with Sammy Dee) “Oh, I might have a headache coming. Yep I’ve got a headache. Now it’s getting worse. Jesus its splitting. Now if it gets any worse I’m not going to be able to switch the light on to get ready for work. It won’t go away. Why won’t it go away? Why have I got a headache in the first place? Now I have to run for the bus. That’s made the pain worse. Now I’m going to be late for work. This headache is making me feel sick. Oh god I’ve got that meeting at nine I’m never going to get through that with this…

  • 'A New Dawn' by Samantha Dee | Thirty Days of Wellness | Online Course | Udemy | Health & Wellness

    Talking to Yourself; Not as Insane as you Might Think

    (The science behind Mirror Affirmations) ‘I could never do that,’ ‘I’m not all that creative,’ ‘Mondays suck,’ ‘Tried that once, it didn’t work,’ ‘I just don’t get tech,’ ‘I don’t have a head for languages.’

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    Coach Mentoring: Launching your first quality course

    One of the benefits of membership in DiscoverYourPathU is access to courses, live discussions groups, and perhaps most importantly, individual mentorship. Each of the founding members is available to mentor up to five of our members at a time in setting up their coaching practice. So, while perhaps you join for the workshops, practice pods (where you can practice and refine your skills(, learning technology and business skills, you may need more than just a course or discussion group to launch your first online course. At the moment, we have mentoring available for coaching, branding, setting up your website, business presence, and even launching online courses on Udemy or another…

  • A Penny for Your Thoughts - How to Resist Giving Advice

    A penny for your thoughts – how to resist giving advice

    We’ve all had that conversation with a friend or even a session coaching with a client, when we are tempted to give them our advice and opinion. Sometimes, they’ve asked for advice. Other times, it’s completely unsolicited. Of course, giving advice generally comes from a place of good intentions. Nonetheless, we forget that we are on the outside, looking in. Our view of the situation is colored by our perspective and experience. And if we’re young and arrogant, we mistakenly think we know it all! This can lead to reactions like “but you don’t really understand” or “I tried that and it didn’t work”. I realize, there are times when…

  • Reaching Through the Screen, Online vs In-Person Coaching

    Reaching through the Screen – Online vs In-Person Coaching

    I don’t know where you are based, but I must say that in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I was so happy that I have an online coaching business, rather than seeing clients in my office. The traffic all around town was horrid. And I live in the tropics, where the only way that traffic gets back up by weather is in the case of a tropical downpour, which might last an hour or two. The moment it stops raining, unless it just happens to be high tide at exactly the same time, the rain water drains off and runs out to sea in minutes. Today, I was reading…

  • Getting a mentor for your coaching practice, why do you need a mentor, how to find a mentor, looking for a mentor, find a spiritual mentor, find a business mentor, why you need a business mentor, why entrepreneurs get mentors, i need a mentor in my life, the difference between a mentor and a coach, how to pick a business mentor, life mentor, making mentorship work

    Coaching mentor: how to get better results

    As a coach, you might decide that you don’t need another coach, but rather that what you are really looking for is a mentor. Mentoring, as we’ve covered in other blog posts, is different from a coaching relationship. Today I want to dive into the benefits of having a mentor, as well as identifying the type of mentors you might look for, and how to find such a mentor. Why do you need a mentor? To stimulate your growth To challenge you in which areas to improve your skills They will provide you with information, knowledge and experience They also provide vital encouragement and moral support. Entrepreneurs of all kinds…