• rock bottom, the only way is up, climbing out of the hole, pulling yourself out of a rut, getting out a rut

    From rock bottom: the only way is up!

    Everyone has a different definition of "rock bottom". We experience it from our perspective, and yet there are lessons we share in common. Every life can teach and everyone can grow - how do your life lessons help someone else climb up and out?

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    The past is past – when do memories become harmful

    Think back, for a moment, on a memory that still stirs up sadness, grief or anger within you. For a moment, revisit the memory, and notice the emotions that you feel. Consider how the event is in the past, but the emotions and feelings that you are experiencing are in the present moment! They are not past emotions. They are affecting you right now. So, when we hold onto a memory, we don’t simply hold onto how the experience affected us then, but we also hold onto how that memory interacts with us in the present moment. We interpret situations, and react to them, not only in light to what…