• rock bottom, the only way is up, climbing out of the hole, pulling yourself out of a rut, getting out a rut

    From rock bottom: the only way is up!

    Everyone has a different definition of "rock bottom". We experience it from our perspective, and yet there are lessons we share in common. Every life can teach and everyone can grow - how do your life lessons help someone else climb up and out?

  • learn-something-new

    How to learn something every day and boost your self esteem

    When I was 27 years old or so, I met a “old” lawyer (in his mid to late fifties), with two or three Master’s Degrees from various international universities, and a wealth of international experience. All I could think of at the time was “I want to be like him”. I was so in awe of his confidence and knowledge. Of course, looking back now, I realize that this confidence and knowledge came from all the effort he put into acquiring it and that along the way he was a beginner many times. But that drove me to attempt to boost my studies and experience in ways I might not…