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    Rock bottom: how to make it the best place to start

    What is rock bottom and do you even need to hit it in order to make changes? Is rock bottom the place where life truly begins? How do you come back from rock bottom? Resources to rebuild yourself. What success stories do you relate to?

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    Exercise-Free Zone: How to find movement that you love!

    As much as I will say ditch the diet and face the feelings, you will also find me saying ditch the gym and move your body. Well, ditch the gym if you hate it. Stay if you really enjoy it! The most important thing is – are you moving your body? Are you enjoying movement? Consider a toddler or a 4-year-old: they aren’t worried about doing exercises or “do I look fat in this?”. They are busy having fun, moving around, wiggling, dancing, running, jumping, and stretching. They move because their body hungers for movement. And so does yours. Are you listening when it asks? Perhaps you’ve felt a small…

  • Mirror work: does talking to yourself work?

    Affirmations are anything that you think or say. Anything. So, whether you are consciously aware or not, all day long you are talking to yourself – telling yourself what to believe and think about yourself, the situation or others. Affirmations are simply messages we give to our conscious and subconscious mind, to help write neural pathways. If you are trying out positive affirmations, you are trying to write new neural pathways of thinking or feeling about yourself. Many years ago, Louise Hay published a book: “Mirror work: 21 days to heal your life.” She is considered one of the pioneers in this type of work – of mindfully noticing your…