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    Talking to Yourself; Not as Insane as you Might Think

    (The science behind Mirror Affirmations) ‘I could never do that,’ ‘I’m not all that creative,’ ‘Mondays suck,’ ‘Tried that once, it didn’t work,’ ‘I just don’t get tech,’ ‘I don’t have a head for languages.’

  • Mirror work: does talking to yourself work?

    Affirmations are anything that you think or say. Anything. So, whether you are consciously aware or not, all day long you are talking to yourself – telling yourself what to believe and think about yourself, the situation or others. Affirmations are simply messages we give to our conscious and subconscious mind, to help write neural pathways. If you are trying out positive affirmations, you are trying to write new neural pathways of thinking or feeling about yourself. Many years ago, Louise Hay published a book: “Mirror work: 21 days to heal your life.” She is considered one of the pioneers in this type of work – of mindfully noticing your…