• the firm foundation of rock bottom, resources to rebuild yourself, support network, coaching, mentors, meditation, silence, success, examples of hitting rock bottom

    Rock bottom: how to make it the best place to start

    What is rock bottom and do you even need to hit it in order to make changes? Is rock bottom the place where life truly begins? How do you come back from rock bottom? Resources to rebuild yourself. What success stories do you relate to?

  • A Penny for Your Thoughts - How to Resist Giving Advice

    A penny for your thoughts – how to resist giving advice

    We’ve all had that conversation with a friend or even a session coaching with a client, when we are tempted to give them our advice and opinion. Sometimes, they’ve asked for advice. Other times, it’s completely unsolicited. Of course, giving advice generally comes from a place of good intentions. Nonetheless, we forget that we are on the outside, looking in. Our view of the situation is colored by our perspective and experience. And if we’re young and arrogant, we mistakenly think we know it all! This can lead to reactions like “but you don’t really understand” or “I tried that and it didn’t work”. I realize, there are times when…