Event Details: Sunday Soulchats with Andrea Hendron 11am EDT

Soul Chats with Andrea (Sundays)

(11am EDT, 4pm GMT) Open to all, join Andrea for an hour of cards, discussion, visualizations and more. Culture a sense of peace, calm, grounding and hope. See you there ♥

Open to all!

Hi, I'm Andrea Hendron. I find myself in the wonderful place of creation with the forming of Discover Your Path U. I am their Chief Spiritual Officer. I'm a life long student and practitioner of the healing arts. My path has included Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, a career as a body worker and massage therapist. In my journey of becoming me, I have been influenced by Hawaiian and Maori Shaman, saints and sages. My hearts has also led me to become a Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner. I lead guided meditations that are expansive and soul healing. My gifts are in the art of conversation and applying the healing arts. We find the truths and untruths and what your visions for the future are. Through conversations or Intuitive vision boards we find the way forward. You can check out my Facebook lives on Discover Your Path U. And if you feel a resonance contact me on Facebook at Andres's Soul Chats.

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