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Prosperity and Abundance: Working with Energy for a New Financial Outlook

(8-Week Workshop, Check our Calendar for Dates/Times)

  • Do you find yourself in a situation where abundance doesn’t seem to flow to you ?
  • Does it feel like the Universe isn’t there for you any more ?
  • Have you had a turnaround with finances which has put you on unsteady ground?
  • Feeling ‘heavy’ or uncertain?
  • Or, do you just want to experience more abundance and prosperity?

Prosperity and Abundance – Working with Life Energy for a New Financial Outlook

Join our Chief Spiritual Officer, Andrea Hendron for eight weeks of exploration and discussion to discover your prosperity and abundance. A small group of people together, sharing their innate knowing and wisdom to come to even greater understanding of what creates flow. We are each unique beings, with our own specific agenda and need to set our own path to FLOW. This is an 8 week small group mastermind. We will be journaling around specific questions and then sharing our thoughts, ideas and practicing with energy in a live session. New inspirations will come from the sharing of these ideas. Possibly helping each other develop and grow into a new financial viewpoint. Work with Andrea Hendron in this small and confidential workshop, specifically designed for those who are looking for a modern financial outlook, or in other words, to see your situation and the prosperity and abundance you already have, in a new way.

Working with Energy for a New Financial Outlook

Prosperity & Abundance Working with Life Energy for a New Financial Outlook -Working with Energy

Each week:

  • You will be given a worksheet of progressive questions to journal during the week and then discuss at the following week’s live group discussion.
  • You will be introduced working with energy and to various new tools and methods to try and learn and these will be also discussed in the following week’s session.

You will learn:

  • How to identify your Life Energy
  • Working with Energy
  • Energy Clearing
  • Prayer methods
  • Meditation
  • Making a Talisman

At the end of this 8-Week Workshop, you will have:

  • Confidence around working with Energy
  • An appreciation of your own prosperity and abundance
  • Completed a positive plan of action
  • Renewed and energized hope
  • Faith in yourself and that you are ENOUGH
  • A lighter and more playful outlook, above ground!
Prosperity & Abundance Working with Life Energy for a New Financial Outlook

Hi, I'm Andrea Hendron. I find myself in the wonderful place of creation with the forming of Discover Your Path U. I am their Chief Spiritual Officer. I'm a life long student and practitioner of the healing arts. My path has included Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, a career as a body worker and massage therapist. In my journey of becoming me, I have been influenced by Hawaiian and Maori Shaman, saints and sages. My hearts has also led me to become a Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner. I lead guided meditations that are expansive and soul healing. My gifts are in the art of conversation and applying the healing arts. We find the truths and untruths and what your visions for the future are. Through conversations or Intuitive vision boards we find the way forward. You can check out my Facebook lives on Discover Your Path U. And if you feel a resonance contact me on Facebook at Andres's Soul Chats.

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