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DiscoverYourPathU believes every life can teach and everyone can grow. Envision a world where authentic connection and kindness are creatively expressed in communal practice.

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What comes to mind when you think of a Life Coach?  Someone to help you reach some goals?  Maybe help keep you accountable, or get that promotion you’ve been hoping for?

Whatever your definition, it’s likely that you think of it as a wholly pragmatic type of process.  That’s what the field has been for the most part – until now.

The members of the #ZenTen are a group of coaches who also have other helping skills that have been vastly overlooked in Coaching.

Such as Sarah Whalen and Beth Gray, who both practice mBit, a mix of ancient wisdom and new Science.  Or Jeffrey Keefer, PhD, who uses Tarot to get clarity or inspiration when working with students.  Or Andrea Hendron, who is a trained Reiki Master energy healer that is deeply in tune with the universe around us.

Each of us have experienced the feeling that these skills do not belong in Life Coaching.  We found communities that were led by gurus who told us that their way was the only way, and to really be a coach all but the pragmatic has to be pushed aside.

Then we found out that we were not the only ones.  That there were people all over the world looking to coach, and struggling with knowing that would mean leaving behind their other talents or beliefs.

In service to anyone who wants to help others, being their whole selves and bringing everything they have to their clients, DYPU was born.

We are here to re-define “Life Coach” and to provide a platform where anyone with the desire to learn and grow can explore any modality without fear or judgement.


“The why of Discover Your Path U, the heart of it, is around helping and working with people to become exactly the kind of coach they want to be, from beginning to end.” -Misty Flanagan, Chief Marketing Officer

“For me, the importance of Discover Your Path U is that every life can teach.  Every single life. Not only can every life teach, but every single person can grow.  It does not matter how down and out you are. It does not matter how bad your heart hurts.  It does not matter how much you have been through. If you want to grow and change, you can.” -Sarah Whalen, co-CFO & mBIT Master Trainer

“Everybody looks to the outside world for happiness and a place to lay blame, when everything is within.  Coaching is just guiding another person through what is inside of them and how to sort through it.” -Margaret Doxey, CEO

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