Recovery from Addiction: Taking Personal Inventory

One of the main reasons for why we don’t do deeper, internal work is because it can hurt.  No one wants to hurt, but everyone IS capable of experiencing pain without letting it fester into suffering.

I am a recovered addict and alcoholic, who for almost a decade used speed, ecstasy and alcohol to avoid pain.

Why?  Because I had not been equipped with the skills necessary to process emotion.  I was raised in an extreme religious setting, with active abuse and secrets. I had no idea how to even begin to address my emotional issues.

When I got sober, in a shelter for homeless female veterans, I encountered the process of inventory as part of my recovery.

The inventory process changed my life, mainly because I could finally see patterns in my life.

I could see how I was responsible for the majority of my resentments, which meant that I could change things.  It felt so freeing.

But during recovery from addiction, how do you deal with pain?  

For me, one of the major things I learned early on from a mentor was that it is okay to ask for comfort while you’re going through something painful, especially recovery.  You don’t have to try to endure pain quietly… you can ask for help. That is okay. Another technique taught to me by that same mentor was to break the day into 5 minute increments.  I can do anything for 5 minutes. Then I would reset the clock and make it through the next 5 minutes. Slowly but surely, I found myself making it through the day.

The actual energy of emotion only stays in the body for 90 seconds, but we continue to think about it and keep re-triggering the emotion.  

This is what makes pain seem to stretch on for so long. So another great way to keep pain under control is to be mindful of your belief systems and thoughts.  This can be best accomplished with meditation/mindfulness and regular personal inventory practice.

Recovery and Personal Inventory

Woman breaking out of chains - recovery from addiction with personal inventory.

Because I believe that this process saved my life, I have created a 10-week course called Foolproof Freedom that will take you through the process yourself, including personal inventory.

If you are ready to let the past be the past, and to be centered enough to co-create your present, this is an amazing course for cutting through the clutter and getting right to the heart of the issue. Recovery from addiction is possible – any addiction.

How do I stop trying to do everything myself?  How do I surrender? How do I take responsibility for my past so that I can have control over it?  How do I balance the scales and correct this? How do I put myself in their shoes? How do I make this right?  How do I live my life with this new connection? How do I take responsibility for my recovery from addiction?

If you would like to know the answer to any and/or all of these questions on personal inventory and recovery from addiction, then please join my course and community to find out!  I look forward to working with you.

Foolproof Freedom by Sharon Frochen:

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