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    Building Confidence in YOUR Business

    Look – business and marketing is all about CONFIDENCE. Knowing in your GUT that you know your shit. That what you are saying is AWESOME and that, given the chance, you can delight the hell out of your customers. Getting out there, every day, talking and selling REQUIRES this kind of confidence. Because without it, we play small. We resort back to quotes or scripts and don’t have the balls to say what we WANT to be saying. Here is the bitch of it all – and the EXACT opposite of what some business guru types will tell you. Ready? I CAN NOT HAND YOU CONFIDENCE In fact, no one…

  • Free Tutorial Video: Forms

    DYPU Members Online Resource Library This is a quick tutorial on how to copy the Member Exclusive forms to your own Google Drive and edit them for your use.

  • Saturday Social (Saturdays)

    Come hang out! No agenda, no recording, no expectations. PJ’s and coffee are welcome. Network and connect to our community in a comfy, casual setting. EVERY Saturday 1pm EST (6pm GMT) – Zoom – https://zoom.us/s/5529256471

  • Press

    Our Board of Directors Our Mission DiscoverYourPathU believes every life can teach and everyone can grow. Envision a world where authentic connection and kindness are creatively expressed in communal practice. Our Values Authenticity Growth Connection Community Spirituality Legacy Confidence Creativity Our Story What comes to mind when you think of a Life Coach?  Someone to help you reach some goals?  Maybe help keep you accountable, or get that promotion you’ve been hoping for? Whatever your definition, it’s likely that you think of it as a wholly pragmatic type of process.  That’s what the field has been for the most part – until now. The members of the #ZenTen are a…

  • Discover Your Path U | World Class Mentors | Coaches and Esoteric | Business School

    Coach Mentoring: Launching your first quality course

    One of the benefits of membership in DiscoverYourPathU is access to courses, live discussions groups, and perhaps most importantly, individual mentorship. Each of the founding members is available to mentor up to five of our members at a time in setting up their coaching practice. So, while perhaps you join for the workshops, practice pods (where you can practice and refine your skills(, learning technology and business skills, you may need more than just a course or discussion group to launch your first online course. At the moment, we have mentoring available for coaching, branding, setting up your website, business presence, and even launching online courses on Udemy or another…