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Sarah Roos


Started out with:

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Industrial Psychology and Sociology (University of Witwatersrand)
Honours Degree in Human Resource Management from Cape Town University (South Africa)

Worked my way down the path of Corporate South Africa:

Worked as Human Resources Practitioner for 8 years, with my main focus being Training and Industrial Relations.
Moved into the field of Organisational Change where I became interested in the psychology of change, and what makes people resistant to change vs be open to change.  This is when I started to really explore what motivates people.
Took a detour for a while and worked in Organisation Development for the Non Profit Sector in South Africa.  My role was to design and implement sustainable business process.  In working with the people who ran these organisation, many of whom had limited ‘high school’ education, I learnt to appreciate how wisdom and knowledge comes from both life experience, and formal education.

This path in my life came to an end, when I got married, and had a baby.  I chose to step off the corporate path of 12 hour working days, and onto the beautiful path of 24 hour motherhood.  Was a lovely journey, but like all journeys, after a while I needed to experience some new sights and sounds, so stepped onto the path of counselling and self-development. Went back to formal education and got a”

Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling specializing in Trauma / Crisis Counselling and Adolescent Counselling.

Profile Sarah Roos | DYPU ContributorAfter graduation, worked for 2 years as a Trauma and Adolescent Counselor.
In was during this time, I started to develop my interest in understanding the “processing unit” of our embodied mind (I say embodied as the mind is both in the skull and in the body) – the ‘Human Brain’ – from a neurobiological, evolutionary, developmental and social perspective.  My search for knowledge lead me to my  personal “Giants”,  Dan Siegel, Winnie Dunn and Paul Gilbert.

It was also during this time, my son got diagnosed with a Sensory Processing Disorder, and this lead me down a path to understand how sensory wellness underpins our physical, emotional and cognitive health.

Took a break for two years, as our family moved around geographically around the country and world.  It was only last year, I discovered how the internet can be used as a tool to teach, empower and support people.  I found some incredible platforms and people, and over time I found DYPU.

My passion, is sharing my knowledge, wisdom and experience gained over the years from my studies, and work experience with  other coaches and counsellors.  I believe awareness and understanding of how our mind, and our processing unit ‘the brain’ operates, is a fundamental right of every person.  As my hero Paul Gilbert would say, it’s not our fault we have tricky brains but it is our responsibility to know how to use them.

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