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    Just signed up for my 12 months membership! Sorry guys, you're stuck with me now hahaaa

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    @compassionatemindcoach Welcome to DYPU Sarah! I can't wait to collaborate with you.

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    posted a photo

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    @mistegirl I completed the INTRO of your Workbooks course. I can't get to second phase. I repeatedly get" Please go back and complete the previous lesson" and I have checkmarks in all three sections. HELP!

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    @angelabrooks-reese How goes it? Gonna make the social? looking forward to hanging out 🙂

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    @susandarling Welcome Susan, I,m so glad you have joined us.

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    @celia-a Hello love! I saw that you are interested in the Deep Dive Coaching Demo? Any questions I can answer?

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    @becky-stokes Hello Becky, was great to see you again at "workshop basics". What a wonderful workshop idea you have.

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    Today I'm starting Misty's Branding 101 course. Yes - my website is already done. My facebook page is completed. But I love that I can simply go through this course and check my message - is it on point? Most importantly - is it still authentically me - at this moment in time, and not 8 months ago when I set up the website? Or not 1 year ago, when I set up my facebook page...

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    @discoveryourpathu Hi there. I tried to join the Deep Dive coaching event just now but seemed to be the only one there. Not sure if I've miscalculated the timings! Can you let me know when it's running as it sounds really interesting 🙂

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    @coachelse hiya im doing sammys tech course its pretty darn cool.....:) cant wait for teh next stages



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