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    YAY SUNDAY!!!!

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    Reminder: each month I provide a free coaching session to any of the DYPU members that need a breakthrough session - in some cases, we can even organise follow up sessions (all at no cost, because it's included in your membership). If you need a one-on-one coaching -- then let me know, so that we can set up the time!

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    @moniqueprinsloo Hey lady! I've tweaked your group a bit and move most of the text to an item in your forum called "About Us" - hope you find that okay! Let me know if you have any questions ๐Ÿ™‚ - Sammy x

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    @whisperchill im experimenting. This is not the squiggly line thing you mentioned though.

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    @whisperchill Hi Sammy, I'm so excited to get started on your course. I have created a website but all pretty much in the dark, so I'm going to use the opportunity to create a better one from the ground up ๐Ÿ™‚ Just one quick question - I own two domain names "morethanjustfine" and "elsejohnson" I currently have elsejohnson redirected to morethanjustfine, can I create a draft in wordpress for the new site and the deactivate my old once complete? or what do you suggest? (PS I found the perfect layout I want to copy)

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    @becky-stokes Hello Becky, was great to see you again at "workshop basics". What a wonderful workshop idea you have.

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    @coachelse hiya im doing sammys tech course its pretty darn cool.....:) cant wait for teh next stages

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    What would be your preferred day and time for mBIT Alignment Sessions?

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    What 3 words best discribes you?

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    @celia-a Hello love! I saw that you are interested in the Deep Dive Coaching Demo? Any questions I can answer?



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