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Life Coaching Jargon: Mindset – Monkey Mind or Mindfulness

Once again, I want to tackle another topic of life coaching: your mindset. Many people consider that mindset is simply about a “growth mindset” or a “fixed mindset”, but I want to dive deeper into what happens within our mind.

In particular, today I want us to explore mindset from the perspectives of our monkey mind versus mindfulness and awareness.

Much of the work that you will do for yourself, when you are considering your personal growth and development, will focus on your ability to control your thoughts – perception, habits and even your inner critic.

Fixed mindset

If you’re holding onto a fixed mindset, your might believe that talent alone creates success. Under this perception of your ability and world, if you lack talent, then you never have the opportunity of changing your possibilities.

This completely ignores the roles that effort and personal development and growth play in success!

If this were true, only the truly talented could be successful, and everyone else would be stuck.

Nonetheless, we have many examples of those who are less talented or intelligent, and they are still wildly successful. Perhaps they were simply lucky – in the right place, at the right time.

One the other hand, some say that it takes seven years to become an overnight success!

Growth mindset

Others will no doubt believe that hard work and dedication will allow you to develop skills and abilities that others do not possess. Talent and intelligence are simply are a starting point, but in no way guarantee success.

With a growth mindset, you are constantly challenged to grow your skill set, experience and wisdom.

What do you believe to be true about yourself?

DYPU Blog | Stock Image | Perception | Life Coaching Jargon


How you perceive yourself and your situation will directly impact and influence have you respond. Therefore, as coaches we are trained to question perception and beliefs.

When we address this perception and even beliefs about “how things work in the world” we are able to open possibilities for opportunities.

Take for example someone who has, until now, failed to master parallel parking. We all know that parallel parking is possible and that it is possible to learn how to visualize distance, maneuver a car, and successfully parallel park. Typically, the moment that you learn that “magic formula” of when to start turning the wheel and then when to straighten up, you can’t believe it was so hard. ‘Anyone can do this’.

But until you have learnt it and experienced it for yourself, it seems an impossibility and those that can achieve it are obviously magicians.

The same applies to those that have mastered their mindset, through awareness, mindfulness and overcoming the battle with their monkey mind.

It appears to be magic, until you have achieved it for yourself.

But, like parallel parking, it can be learnt.

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