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Life Coaches: Conscious Learning for Conscious Living

DiscoverYourPathU, LLC offers a wide variety of modalities for Life Coaches and helping professions across the board – spiritual, business and coaching models. If you take a quick peek at our offerings, you will notice the range — from parenting to druidry to CBT and NLP, from creativity and artistic expression to business school, from social media to astrology, and everything in between.  All of these are centered on one basic premise:

“Every life can teach and everyone can grow.”

– The ZenTen, Discover Your Path U

This is an invitation to join us on a journey, one in which you will embrace a learning model that emphasizes conscious learning. We focus on the present and future, rather than the past.

And so, we invite you to draw your talents, abilities, and creative energy, into the present moment, and design conscious goals for your life – discovering your path. Not the path chosen by your parents, your friends or other coaches. Not the path chosen or dictated by us or a curriculum.

Through exploring your values, goals and ways of being, feeling, thinking and doing, we hope as Life Coaches you will get in touch with living and loving – for yourself as well as for others. This process is intended to lead you to a place of conscious living and conscious learning.

Conscious living

We often hear people talking about awakening, a dawning of consciousness.  Almost like a rebirthing, you can reignite your power and move towards freedom.  Part of this awakening includes recognition of the wholeness of life.  You are not only feeling and thinking, but spiritual and whole.

Conscious living is embracing all these aspects of life: balancing your heart, mind and soul in what you are doing.  The alignment that emerges when what you think, feel, say and do is all in alignment with your spirit.  There is no more “Sunday” or “work week”.  There is no more talk about a “work-life” balance, because you recognize that you are living ONE life.  One life in which you have work, you have a family, you have time.  But you are no longer struggling to prioritize which one is more important than another, because you have learned simply to embrace your life as a whole.

And out of this, you recognize the need for consistent conscious living: discover your path to awakening.

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Life Coaches: Learn for yourself

If you are here to simply learn for yourself, we hope you will find a place that you learn the following conscious living skills and abilities:

  • locate your feelings (in your body) and be able to identify them
    communicate clearly your inner experience – whether emotional, thoughts or spiritual
  • discover your life purpose or your multiple passions, and then choose conscious goals aligned with that purpose or those passions
    love and accept yourself, exactly as you are
  • choose compassion for others from a place of an overflowing cup of self-compassion
  • make and keep commitments – to yourself as well as to others

Choosing conscious learning

For some of you who join DYPU, we know that it will not be enough simply to learn for yourself.  Having learned these secrets, you will be anxious to reach out and touch the lives of others.  And this is where DiscoverYourPathU hopes to set you apart from other helpĂ­ng professions and coaches.

Your life is a perfect model for teaching others. Your life’s lessons are so personal, and yet universally applicable.

You have so much to offer others.

So we hope that you will walk with us down this path of conscious learning – choosing to study, and then practice, what sits best with you for your life path.

Life Coaches: Come and discover your path!

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