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Life Coaches: Free Samplers, Tire Kickers & Toe Dippers

My first professional job was as a manager for a furniture store.  

We had 4 types of customer.

  • Free Samplers aka Catalog Collectors
  • Tire Kickers aka Furniture testers
  • Toe Dippers aka  Small item purchasers
  • And the ever elusive Invested Consumer

My job was to train employees to recognize each type of customer and help guide them to become invested.  We’d offer free cookies to get the Free Samplers in the door, we’d explain special features to Tire Kickers, and we’d strategically place nick-knacks for the impulse buying Toe Dippers.

Then we’d do tap dances and cartwheels to help convert them into Invested Consumers by offering special sales, bundles, packages and incentives. All while our competitors are luring them away with their own cookies, special features and sales.  

But, quite often it was impossible to make that sale to these un-invested. They’d be happy to take the free stuff with the whole ‘I’ll be back. . . ‘ excuse.   But when it came to completing the purchase they weren’t really interested.

They just weren’t ready.

I’ve found these customer descriptions were the same as I was designing my coaching business.  I’d get so excited when someone asked me for more information or requested a get acquainted call.  I’d invest a lot of my time in free sessions or offer a complimentary workshop. But when it came time for them to step forward to becoming my invested client they’d back away.

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I’d question myself.  Was it my approach? Is my program not good enough? Is it too expensive? Is it not what they’re looking for?  It could have been one or all of those things.

Or maybe, they just weren’t ready.

I appreciate a cautious potential client.  They’re considering investing in something that’s not always easy to understand.  Investing in yourself isn’t the same as buying a table or sofa. It’s an intangible. And these kinds of transformative programs are a huge commitment or time, energy and resources.

But . . . I know they’re going to have a hard time transforming their life or business by only being a:

  • Free Sampler – downloading endless ebooks or worksheets
  • Tire Kicker – poking around on different websites or books
  • Toe Dipper – experiencing one time coaching calls or workshops

Compassionate Career Professionals

So here’s how I see it. If a person is interested in creating lasting and substantial change in their life they need to be willing to take a risk.  So I’m going to invest my time and energy in the kind of people who truly want to invest in their results. Those Life Coaches willing to take the leap and make the move to improve their lives or business.  I’m no longer going to try to convince people about how important it is to get serious about success.

I’m going to adjust my vibrational energy toward attracting those people who are ready to move forward.  People who understand that success requires intentional investment of time, resources and positive energy.

And that’s why I chose to invest my time, talents and knowledge for life coaches – in founding DiscoverYourPathU (DYPU) (and the DYPU Business School) with an amazing group of 9 other people.  We’re the Zen Ten and we believe in what we’re creating.  We’re ready to take coaches, spiritual healers, motivational leaders and any helping practitioner to a new level in their work and business.

So, Life Coaches, if you’re looking for a free, inexpensive way to get your business rolling, we’re not for you.

The DYPU Business School for Life Coaches & Compassionate Career Professionals

But if you’re ready to invest in your results by not allowing your energy to be exhausted in the Free Samples, Tire Kicking or Toe Dipping just let me know.  I’d be happy to help you become invested in your future results through the amazing platform we’ve designed at DYPU Business School.

Karen Richards, CEd.O at DYPU

About Karen

DiscoverYourPathU LLC Board of Directors - Karen Richards, Joint CEd.O

Karen is our Co-Director of Education at DYPU. She is an accomplished artist and art teacher as well as an established Life Coach. She teaches creativity for coaching, meditation mandalas as well as coaching business strategy in the DYPU Business School.

More about Karen | Karen’s Workshops and Events | Karen’s Courses

The DYPU Business School is a study path at DYPU, available to Life Coaches and Compassionate Career Professionals.

Discover Your Path U ('DYPU') is a community of teachers, students, seekers & servants who believe that anyone can change the world.


  • tkozeluh

    Really wonderful examples! Thank you, Karen and Zen 9 (or would that be 10) for investing in students, coaches, and ultimately the world!

  • steve

    I love you guys, so much…. Great blog Karen Richards, now the bar is set..
    See u on the inside

  • steve

    It’s funny you mention this.. I meet need some Karen time..

    I need some direction..

    I have skills in public speaking well alot.. Ive been asked by my mastermind group to help them.. I want to offer a webinar.

    If I jot down a rough plan and send it over can you look over it for me.

    Secondly I’ve been able to help some local businesses with their online presence.
    I want to offer a package.
    Again if I jot this down can you look over this..

    Just working on a branding message and brand with the lovely misty..

    Thanks Karen.. See u morrow pm for pods.. I’m away on family vacation week after so I won’t be around

    Thanks for all your help.. I can’t wait to do more stuff with clan zen

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