Leadership School: So, What is a Leader?

Leadership School: So, What Is A Leader? 

A leader is a keen communicator. They communicate the vision; they communicate working relationships and how or where they need to move to. They communicate trust, understanding and respect for their people. The way a leader communicates with their people is quite relational and makes sure they have full understanding.

They are committed to personal growth and development, not just for themselves but for their people. They understand how this helps everyone in the greater picture with clarity. When the individual is encouraged to do personal development the more skills get brought to the team as a whole. As well as having a person who is building their personal skills becomes a more confident person.

Good leaders are people willing to show up when others won’t and do what others will not. A leader should never expect others to do what they themselves are not willing to do. They should never expect a person to do more for a business, especially for their own business, that they are not willing to show up to do for themselves.

The leader should always give more than they take from their people. Finding ways to identify the needs of your people and finding ways to meet them. This is also a great way to earn the right to speak into peoples’ lives. When you take a sincere interest in your people and they feel the genuine care they are more open and trusting of you. They then WANT to come to you for guidance and input. When they know you care and have their best interest at heart they seek to be guided and feel safe to make more decisions as well as make mistakes. When you show appreciation for mistakes you see the growth in the creative process this allows them to want to expand and seek outside the box more for solutions.

As a leader, you take full responsibility for all outcomes good and bad. A true leader never blames others and takes the hit on the chin with as much dignity as they do the wins.

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What a leader is not…. A leader is more than a title or a position. It goes so much deeper than that. Many refer to the leaders as the BOSS, signifying a boss brings aggressive or assertive energy in a more negative way.

A boss is often seen as everyone else to do the work while they collect the glory of others efforts. They usually are quite loud and demanding of respect and when it is not given people are dismissed from duties.

They micro-manage a lot…feeling that no one knows better than they do and so they must control every small aspect. This usually communicates to people they are not educated enough or skilled enough to handle these tasks. They give the impression that that they know it all and no one knows more about the situation than they do.

Unfortunately this also causes further issue with trust. It causes a breakdown of this trust, and when the breakdown begins and trust is being lost it is hard to gain it back. Micro-managing has never been shown to be a good solution for any problem. The types of leaders are often known for tearing down other members on the team. Finding and pointing out all sources of perceived weakness or finding fault in their work. Most times this is due to feelings of intimidation and competition of the person. All other team members are aware if you tear one down to them you tear them all down eventually.

Leadership School teaches that it is only the opinion of the leader and the actions of the leader that are acceptable. All else is seen as a competition or challenge against the leader. So team members stay fearfully quiet and don’t make waves so they may continue to hold their positions.

Now you have some comparison to work with to know what a good leader is and what a not so good leader is.

As I see it, a good leader is a person who is able to work themselves out of a job and ultimately if you are doing the job right you will be able to pass the role over to someone else. Hopefully to someone you had the honor and privilege to serve.

Oh and yes, there is that. If you are a true leader…you are in service to those you lead. Never forget that important element. ​

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