How to Find Your Flow in Life

Hello loves!  My name is Sharon Frochen and I am the Chief Operations Officer for the Discover Your Path U platform.  I am also a strong believer in flow and the fact that none of this… not life, not family, not money, not work… none of this has to be hard.  When I am struggling, I believe that is a choice I have made… one I made every moment of every day for the majority of my life.

So how does a COO, the one responsible for strategy, process and productivity find flow?

I’m so glad you asked!!  I was in a meditation recently where we were exploring the experience and strength of seaweed.  Why? Well, think of seaweed. There are sunken ships that get moved miles across the ocean floor by the currents, but seaweed, this soft growth, just thrives in those same currents.  How is that? It figures out how to work with the currents.

One of the participants in the meditation discussed a state where they felt no resistance, and then playing with the idea of introducing resistance into that state of flow.  They went on to describe the state changing from the flow of seaweed, to a rather intense experience of being one of those car dealership inflatable dancing stick men getting slapped into the pavement all over the place.  That pretty beautifully explains our relationship with finding flow.

How many times do you second-guess yourself every day?  

How many times do you assume that you have done something wrong, that someone is talking about you, that it’s not right, that you’re wrong, that everything is going to fall apart?  If you’re anything like I was, then pretty much all day, every day. We have literally been socially programmed not to believe in ourselves and to assume the worst. What if that didn’t have to be your experience?

The mind is an amazing machine.  Whatever it is that you believe, it daily sets about to finding proof to support those beliefs.  It is a meaning making machine and can literally support almost any belief system you bring to it.  Stop and consider that for a moment. What if your mind was capable of helping you to experience a completely different world if you changed your limiting belief systems?  What if you are creating your experiences? What if they are being drawn to you? And in that case, what are you NOT experiencing because it gets filtered out by the mind?

When we are raised with limiting belief systems such as “no pain, no gain” and “money is the root of all evil” we need to understand these beautiful minds of ours daily go about ensuring that we experience supporting proof for those beliefs.  However, and this is a huge, beautiful however, when we change those belief systems to things like “I can trust myself” and “I am enough” our beautiful, amazing minds will also go out and draw the proof for those beliefs into our consciousness.

In fact, in quantum physics experiments, the principle investigator is allowed limited interaction with the experiment until after it is complete because science has identified that the consciousness of the investigators changes the results of the experiments.  So our minds can even go so far as to literally interfere in the findings of our scientific research.

How to find your flow in Life

How to find your flow in life

Presence. Being present. Right now. Right here.  With no attachments to yesterday or fear about tomorrow.  Just being here, now. It has also been scientifically proven that human consciousness, or observing the electron, decides whether it functions as a particle or expands into wave function.  These are the building blocks of our reality and our consciousness changes them.

So, how to find your flow in life?  Have you ever had the experience of everything just working out for you?  You have all the words. You can remember every fact, every experience. You can speak with such ease.  You are so aware of all of the moving parts and their places. You may even feel invincible. That is flow.  That is when we stop doing everything on our own power, our own wit, our own will… and just allow.

One of the quickest ways to start moving back to flow is to cut out corporate TV, movies, music and media.  Another is reviewing your diet and at a minimum eliminating processed foods, conventionally grown veggies, fluoride, mainstream cosmetics and tap water.  Regular meditation will help you to plug back in to that inner space. And a regular gratitude practice will raise your vibration to a state of openness. Flow is your natural state… one which has been severely hampered by modern day entertainment, medicine, religion and education.

This is the process of coming home… coming back to who you really are and the childlike wonder of flow.  The ability to play without worry. To find joy and magic in the most mundane things.

To that end, Andrea Hendron, the Chief Spiritual Officer, and I will be creating an amazing course called Presence, Power, Intention & Play: How to Find Your Flow in Life.  I would consider this course far less classroom and much more experiential learning on how to find your flow. Rather than trying to think your way into this state, we want you to experience it.  We open each session with a meditation, include two exercises, a breakout pair-n-share to really discuss how we experience that week’s principle, and a visioning session to pull it all together.

How to Find Your Flow in Life will be a four-week course which starts fresh each month and costs $100 for all four weeks.

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  • steve

    My dearest Sharon,

    I was the other day at a corporate training day.. And the area manager was showing off her new course for us to impliment.. (basicly evidence went to her new qualification) but I digress but I digress and like an oracle cars she pulls out this word “flow” now at this I get so excited I nearly create a new underwear moment and then I hear her talk about it.. As of course being an ignoramous I question what she means and oh dear.. I could taste the in congruence in my mouth like sour grapes.. Not a scooby doo the poor girl had.. Obviously adopted it a latest buzzword.. But oh dear…

    A great post and lovely explanation.. I often say in or out of vortex but flow is what it is.

    Thank you for the post..

    Keep flowing awesome ones..

  • Cheryl

    I just love the comparison between the sea weed and the dancing inflatable stick, allowing vs. efforting, I so know the difference now but that doesn’t mean I always choose flow, but today I know that is is my choice and mine alone, moment by moment. Thank You Sharon for the concrete ideas as to how we can continue to choose flow!

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