Have you seen the DYPU events calendar lately?

If not you are MISSING OUT!!

Just a few weeks ago we launched the DiscoverYourPathU Contributor Membership, a program designed to fulfill our mission of “Every life can teach”. (For full details check out this blog post)

The response has been just plain amazing and I wanted to take a moment here to highlight all the fantastic new events our contributors are bringing to DYPU members.

Did I mention ALL of these events are 100% included in your membership? NO extra costs!

As always, you can see EVERYTHING going on each day on the event calendar.

Women by the fire with Shannon Zarnsy

Women by The Fire is a safe space for us to be able to be just who we are…women. Between different activities and pure conversation, my hope is that every woman gets up from her computer feeling lighter, and ready to take on the world. It is time for us to come together and let the universe know…we are not taking it anymore. We are the Goddesses of the world, and we will take our place as such.

NLP Discussion with Justin Riste

Are you curious about Neuro-Linguistic Programming? Would you like to learn some of the more fundamental, simple and highly impactful techniques like representational systems, submodalities, anchors and perceptual positioning? Would it be easier for you to learn if you had others to discuss it with? Then this discussion group is for you. Join experienced, newbie and the just plain curious in exploring NLP as a group. Ask questions, watch demonstrations, laugh and learn. NLP doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Come join us and find out for yourself!

Fear and failing forward with Julie Smith

Do you feel stuck in your life and career because of your fear of failure and rejection? This class gives you the tools you need to see failure as a tool that catapults you to the next level in your personal and professional life.

The self talk show with Allison Knier-Sondag

The way we speak to ourselves matters! We’re creating a space where our inner “mean girl” doesn’t run the show. Imagine the choices we could make, the way we could feel, and new perspectives opening up if the voice inside our head was compassionate and supportive. The Self Talk Show is a safe space to check in with ourselves, explore possibilities and take steps towards becoming our own biggest fan! This is a live discussion group open to anyone and everyone!

Ask Ashley with Ashley Ingram

A private virtual circle for women to come and release all shame, guilt and overwhelm. The core belief I champion is women coming back to a place of self power and healing. Through my own healing journey I have come to a place of inner empowerment, self reflection &  an ever growing, beautiful, spacious & abundant flow of intuition. I firmly believe that all women have the ability to not only live the life they want but be thriving, flowing, fearless, confident & in complete love with the woman they are. “Ask Ashley” provides a private, secure circle for all women of all backgrounds to come and hold space for each other and themselves. A circle that reminds women of their worth and value while coming together in unity, compassion & sisterhood. Via a “virtual” zoom room, all women are invited to come into a private circle and release whatever they no longer want to hold on to so that they can move forward and cultivate self love and inner healing. Through healing ourselves individually & together, we will also begin healing the collective feminine and tapping into our ancient roots of sisterhood. I can’t wait to meet you there sister.

Wow, that was a lot!

As you can see, we have an opportunity EVERY SINGLE DAY to connect with others, get support and find the path to your personal growth that fits YOU.

And this is just the start! We are still welcoming contributing members, and still looking for even more voices to add to our community.

Are you interested in being a contributing member? In sharing your skills, or hosting a discussion group? Sign up today! It is totally free and gives you full access to all of these events and more.


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