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Free Tutorial Video: Social Media With Intention

DYPU Members Online Resource Library

Can I just say how many coaches I have seen start up, and then get fully overwhelmed by trying to do ALL the things on ALL the social media platforms?

You don’t have to! Each platform is great at 1 or 2 specific phases of the consumer buying process. Being clear on what phase you want to use each platform during will help you get the social media overwhelm under control.

Watch the video HERE!

Hello! I’m Misty, one of the founders of DYPU and the Chief Marketing Officer. I am also the owner of Coaching By Misty, a wife, a Texan and a dog momma. I work with clients to coach and provide consultation on all things around your personal brand as a coach. My passion, and my purpose, is to work with coaches to help them get THEIR voice into the world. To be fully, authentically themselves and show that to potential clients. I firmly believe that the right story in the right place can change a life, and if you’re not telling yours, you are missing that opportunity. You can find me on any social media platform @coachingbymisty - see you there!

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