Teach your Brain to Energy Healing in Life Coaching

Bursting with Energy! Healing Techniques in Life Coaching

One of my struggles along the journey to becoming a coach was trying to ignore the spiritual and energy aspects of myself.  Many of the coaches that I respect and follow –  that I have learnt from – insist that spirituality (“woo-woo”) have no place in coaching.

I can see their perspective – especially if you are of the perspective that humans only need to work on their thoughts and processing of feelings.  That all of our actions and choices are purely based and lead by our mindset.

Energy Healing in Life Coaching

In school I learnt that everything happens in my head – emotions, thoughts, willpower… everything.  I learnt that the heart and gut have neural networks and a certain autonomy of functions:

  • the heart continues to beat in spite of damage to the spinal column that can leave you paraplegic
  • the gut continues to process and digest your food
  • your immune system continues to work independently

But what they failed to teach us in school was that our head “processes” our emotions – making meaning of them.  It doesn’t “feel” the emotions.  In a similar fashion, our head processes messages from our gut – but we were never explained what that meant.

I know now, from mBraining (Soosalu & Oka) that our neural networks are much more complex than this simple explanation!  So – while my head may process and make meaning of all the messages received – the actual emoting happens in the heart!  And the gut and immune system can communicate – if we are willing to listen.

But that’s a story for another day. 

A Holistic Approach to Life Coaching

Learning mBraining (mBIT Coaching) took me to a place where I could acknowledge that I was having feelings & emotions, separate from what I was thinking, and I could honor those.  mBraining is a place where neuroscience meets ancient wisdom – and for me, this opened the door to exploring what roles I wanted spirituality and energy to play not only in my life, but in my practice as a healing practitioner.

Personally, I love Ho’oponopono and EFT.  I’ve already written previously about Ho’oponopono and Forgiveness,  but not about EFT (emotional freedom techniques). I also have a group on Facebook that is exclusively about practicing the Power of Eight – small groups holding intentions and compassionate space for others. Energy healing, if you care to call it that.  Others might call it a prayer meeting (without the praying).

Today, I want to open up the discussion to techniques that coaches may (or may not) use as part of their “toolkit” in working with a client. 

You will regularly hear us say, in DYPU, that every life can teach and everyone can grow.  We mean that.

All those other skills you have learned in life can be brought to the table, even if you are not quite sure where they fit in.

Bring your Energy Healing to your Coaching

We all bring to the table unique gifts and talents – teachings – that we can use in our life coaching toolkit when working with a client.  These can be all types of spiritual practices and energy work, according to our varied backgrounds.

This is why we find coaches who offer more than simply coaching, NLP or CBT.  These mix various types of healing into the coaching physical or even intuitive techniques, such as:

  • Christian counselling
  • Reiki energy healing
  • Quantum Touch
  • Chios Vitality Healing
  • Tai Chi, Qiyong or Yoga instructors
  • Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Guided soul meditations
  • Massage therapy
  • Tarot readings or oracle cards
  • Clearing of chakras or aura readings
  • Law of Attraction, the Secret and other work with manifestation
    and so much more

Some modalities – like healing touch or therapeutic touch are even offered now in hospitals.  It might even include something such as Feng Shui.

You are Unique

The end result is a unique life coaching solution that you offer – one that lies firmly within your expertise and experience.   How you choose to weave all those parts – mind, body & spirit – together, depends entirely on how comfortable you are offering to help others.

You may decide that you want to simply offer your services as a life coach, while others will say they are “energy transformation coaches”.  How you find and describe your niche will be personalised to what you are offering.

And note – this will change over time.

Your life coaching will transform and grow as you walk along this journey.  So what works for you today, may change.  And that’s also a beautiful thing.

Are you ready to begin the journey of discovering your path?

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