Hello! My name is Sharon Frochen and I am a member of the #zenten, Chief Operating Officer and faculty at Discover Your Path U. I am the founder and owner of The Phoenix Reboot, the creator of the Foolprooof Freedom workshop series, co-creator of the Divine Shenanigans Soul Sense Panel, and co-creator of The Journey Beyond Pain workshop series. I am a multi-modality practitioner, combining applied psychology and spirituality into a new intuitive practice. I specialize in presence. I specialize in the mind tweaks of NLP, the vocal sorcery of hypnosis and meditation/journeying, a wealth of ancient wisdom, and guided energy work. I believe that each of us are profoundly powerful technology, with a user manual that has been largely lost to us over the ages. It is possible to reconnect to that manual. Literally, the world is ours for the thinking. Each of us can reboot. Each of us can rise from the ashes of our former selves. Each of us can evolve.

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