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Advanced EID Course

November 11 at 6:00 am - 7:00 pm EST


The Advanced EID ( Emotional Intelligence development ) course is for all ages;

Everyone is welcome.

We hope to see you in class;

Please know that all our adept proven processes are ADHD and Dyslexia tested. There will be no man left behind!

We received educated on how to use our left side of our brain, Our IQ side of our mind. Thes are things that people SEE our achievements the things we do and say and act — logical thinking, intelligence, mathematics, facts, and analytics, and so much more.

We have NOT been taught and educated on how to use and develop our right side of our brain. Thes are things that are beneath our surface that people can not see. Feelings, emotions, and what makes us the person we are — our intentions, empathy, self-esteem-boundaries, our creativity, our beliefs, and emotions.

Once we have developed both sides of our brains, we reach a level of SQ ( Spiritual Intelligence ).

When you can use both sides of your brains per your advantage not only to understand yourself better but to get a better understanding of the people around you.

We cover over the 37 topics and will be doing one subject per month.

✓ Habits (how they are formed and replaced)

✓ Mindset (Fixed and Growth Mindset)

✓ Active Listening & Communicating

✓ Core Identity

✓ Core Values

✓ Brain Overview

✓ Goals

✓ Motivation

✓ Values (How to detect and embrace)

✓ Beliefs

✓ Self-Esteem

✓ Self-Worth

✓ Embarrassment

✓ Goals

✓ Feelings vs. Thoughts

✓ Stress

✓ Anxiety

✓ Fear

✓ Mindfulness

✓ Visualization

✓ Re-framing

✓ Anger Control

✓ Critical + Creative =

Productive Thinking

✓ Three brains (head, heart, gut)

✓ Boundaries

Our first subject we are going to be covering is going to be

-How to get from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.

-To know what mindset you are in

-How to help other people that might be in a fixed mindset

*If we are moving to slow and you prefer to do this on your own, our course is available on Udemy. You will find educational materials like elevations for yourself and or a client, more t and worksheets.


On our E-learning platform, downloading is not available.

That is our E-friendly platform to help prevent from printing out paperwork.


Our book is available on Amazon as well.



November 11
6:00 am - 7:00 pm
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Ashley Venzon


Live Class