DYPU Business School: Training for Life Coaches and Compassionate Careers

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We get it!

Our DYPU Business School instructors gave up other careers to be full-time life coaches, and we want to share our knowledge, skills, beliefs, and experiences with others who are starting out on this exciting professional path!

Most other training for life coaches do NOT have a Business School, and while you may learn the ins and outs of coaching, the lack of business focus leaves many feeling a lost, wondering how to start, and at times overwhelmed. Perhaps you have heard promises of offering all kinds of six figure income guarantees, yet without helping you to learn the business-side necessary on how to get there.

That’s not us. Our training for life coaches is a little more realistic. We’re here to help you design a business that’s in alignment with your core values, beliefs, and unique style.

Not sure what you want to do on social media? Feel like you’re not a salesperson? No idea how to put together a coaching package? Don’t know how to create a website? We’ve got you covered.

We want to be your partners in the process of launching your amazing Life Coaching (or whatever you want to call it!) Business.

Who Teaches at the DYPU Business School?

A picture of Samantha 'Sammy Dee' Diegutis, a DYPU Instructor

Sammy Dee

Sammy Dee – Sammy has been in I.T. for twenty years, working on everything from robots to space satellites for some of the largest and most serious organisations on the planet. Additionally, in the days when website coding, html, was manually written in notepad, she created and ran an online magazine which attracted TV and local press. She has set up her coaching business, and really knows the work involved, from the inside out, outside in and downside up!

A picture of Misty Flanagan, a DYPU Instructor at DYPU Business School

Misty Flanagan

Misty Flanagan – By helping give voice to what’s inside you, Misty will work with you to get your branding on-point, and then how to get out and use that with your original content to attract clients.

What’s the Objective?

To educate, inspire, encourage, and assist Life Coaches (and other compassionate career professionals) as they design, implement and operate their unique business plans.

In other words, when you graduate, you will be in business!

No more excuses. No more, ‘yeah, buts.’ No more, “But how do I start?”

What Type of Study is Included?

Live and Pre-recorded courses from beginner to intermediate to advanced. In addition, you will be involved in weekly discussion groups, training sessions, and masterminds.

What Sort of Things can I Learn?

You will learn to identify your niche, product design, pricing, sales letter writing, branding, social media marketing, web design, and so much more. We give you the skills, the knowledge, and the tools to create your own unique business.

We are here to help you build the coaching business you want, from beginner to thriving. This is not a “copy me, do exactly what I say and you will make millions” kind of program. Those don’t work!

Nor is this a ‘watch a video’ do it ‘for real’ later.

You will literally be creating your business as you go.

How is the DYPU Business Program Constructed?

We are not just courses and quizzes. This is not a “read the book and do it” experiences. As part of graduation, you will first assist in Mastermind sessions, and secondly run one yourself. You’ll also be assessed along the way, with feedback that will help you improve.. For instance, in the tech beginner assessment, you will be asked to show us the web site you have created to demonstrate what you’ve learned.  

This is not just content, it is applying what you learn!

By graduation, you will not only demonstrate that you have the ability to apply your new skills, you will also participate and give back to other business school students on their journey. 

How am I Assessed?

  • Assist in a Mastermind (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Host and run a Mastermind
  • Present your Website/Marketing/Package at each level (beginner/intermediate/advanced)

How do I Graduate?

Your graduation process will consist of:

  • Your assistance with running a (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Mastermind in whichever ‘stream’ you are in. Course points will be awarded.
  • You will then host and run a (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced) Mastermind. We will be right there for you, but for the most part will just observe. Course points will be awarded.
  • You will be asked to jump on a zoom with two of us to present what you’ve learned by way of your ‘real-life’ business. So this would either be a short walk-through of your web site, your business action plan, or your branding or social media content. Course points will be awarded.

How Much Does it Cost?

Each pre-recorded course has a small price attached. That’s it. Compared to the thousands of dollars that you would spend elsewhere for this learning.

Do I get a Certificate?

At the end of your Graduation, yes. We only award certificates for study that we see demonstrated in ‘the real world’.

By the time you graduate advanced level business school you’ll be living your plan. We want you to feel that our Certificate is a major achievement. Not something auto-generated by a robot when you finish watching a video.

Anything Else?

More? Okay. There will also be some ‘teeny-ten’ ten-minute how-to’s you can pick up for a couple of bucks, covering single subjects like ‘Electronic Signatures’, ‘Instagram TV’, Google Forms. There’s also a Workshop Basics Course around here somewhere…ah, there it is. Oh, there’s that Common Coaching Challenges course, too. Which runs alongside all of this. Accountability? Well, naturally. Did you know that Accountability Programs can go for over $5,000, elsewhere?.

Is there a Post-Graduate Program?

Oh yes. We are designing this currently. It will cover things like:

  • Web Site disaster-recovery, backups, performance monitoring, search engine optimization.
  • What to do if you’re client relationship isn’t working/ending a client relationship
  • How to assess whether the energy you’re spending on Social Media is working
  • And other advanced learning features. We welcome your input to this process!
  • Accounting/Tax/Legal/Insurance subjects.

Amazing! Where do I sign!

Right here! Beginners track courses are below – see you on the inside! Visit the DYPU Business School Forum for the latest news!