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mBIT Guided Journeys (Creative Visualization) with Sarah Whalen

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mBIT Guided Journeys for the Heart, Mind & Soul with Sarah Whalen

Photo of steps leading up to multiple archways all painted white - mBIT Guided Journeys (Creative Visualization) with Sarah Whalen

Visualization journeys inspired by NLP and the new field of mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) to uplift your heart, delight your mind and deeply relax your soul.

From Wikipedia: “The therapeutic application of creative visualization aims to educate the patient in altering mental imagery, which in turn contributes to emotional change. Specifically, the process facilitates the patient in replacing images that aggravate physical pain, exacerbate psychological pain, reaffirm debilitation, recollect and reconstruct distressing events, or intensify disturbing feelings such as hopelessness and anxiety, with imagery that emphasizes and precipitates physical comfort, cognitive clarity, and emotional equanimity. This process may be facilitated by a practitioner or teacher in person to an individual or a group. Alternatively, the participants or patients may follow guidance comprising spoken visualization instruction that may be accompanied by music or sound.

Creative Visualization

Whether provided in person, or delivered via media, the verbal instruction consists of words, often pre-scripted, intended to direct the participant’s attention to intentionally generated visual mental images that precipitate a positive psychological and physiologic response, incorporating increased mental and physical relaxation and decreased mental and physical stress.”

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