How to Build a Brand – Branding 101 with Misty

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How to Build a Brand – Branding 101 with Misty.

DYPU how to start an online business online course - branding basics - how to build a brand

With over 50,000 practicing Life Coaches worldwide your best bet to stand out from the crowd is with a great brand that highlights YOU. This course teaches you how to build your identity.

It’s NOT as hard as you may think!

I mean, it’s really just YOU and the services you offer displayed to the world with clarity and intention.

This 101 course will walk you through gaining that clarity and beginning to put the foundations of how to build a brand. It includes:

  • Finding your Core Message
  • Defining your Mission Statement
  • Putting YOU into your brand

PLEASE NOTE! This course DOES NOT go into the visual aspects of a brand, such as logos and colors. These are secondary, decoration even to what you are all about and will be the focus of the next course in this series.

What’s Included:

  • Around 2 hours of video instruction
  • 3 downloadable, printable workbooks
  • 5 Quizzes to help ensure you understand the material and how to apply it
  • Several check in assignments
  • Personal on-demand assistance from me whenever needed
  • Access to the course community to work with other students developing their brand

Who should take this course: Anyone looking to learn how to start an online business and establish a personal brand around their coaching business to attract more clients.

If you have any questions at all on this or what is coming up in the rest of the Branding series, or how to build an online business – reach out to me!

About Misty

DiscoverYourPathU LLC Board of Directors - Misty Flanagan, CMO

Hello! I’m one of the founders of DYPU and the Chief Marketing Officer.

The proud owner of Coaching By Misty, a wife, a Texan and a dog momma.

I work with clients to coach and provide consultation on all things around your personal brand as a coach. 

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