Energy Healing Reiki for Beginners: Learn Reiki Online with Andrea Hendron

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Energy Healing Reiki for Beginners: Learn Reiki Online with Andrea Hendron

Discover Reiki online with me, and develop your ability to be a channel of healing Reiki energy! Through attunements, your hands will become the conduits of healing energy.

  • 1st class: the principles described, grounding exercises, Column of light, Prayer, attitude and a treatment from me.
  • 2nd class: Attunements
  • 3rd class: Healing Circle and practice

You will be taught how to prepare yourself, how to ground and how to keep the energy clear. As a result, this will bring greater balance to your own body, family members and pets.

Suitable for anyone with an interest in Reiki for Beginners or the Energy Healing Arts.

About Andrea

I believe in simplicity and clear focus. From 26 years of experience in all kinds of energy practices I bring you my best. We will learn and support each other with developing confidence and the opportunity to do a Healing Circle. I look forward to walking with you on this exciting path. NAMASTE.

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Energy Healing - Learn Reiki for Beginners - Learn Reiki Online

About Andrea

DiscoverYourPathU LLC Board of Directors - Andrea Hendron, Chief Spiritual Officer

Andrea Hendron is our Chief Spiritual Officer at DYPU and also our resident Energy worker!

She speaks on various panels, including ‘Divine Shenanigans’, as well as being well-respected Master Reiki Practitioner.

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