Adult Learning Principles and Methods for Life Coaching

1 Lesson

Adult Learning Principles and Methods for Life Coaching with Jeffrey Keefer, Ph.D.

Have you ever noticed the connection between coaching and teaching?

adult learning principles and methods for life coaching

You should, because they both work with people who usually need to learn, practice, or believe something different about themselves, their opportunities, or their decisions. Many people go into coaching without really understanding the fundamental elements of adult learning theory. That is where this course comes in!

We will spend our time together discussing basic theories, comparing them to our own lives, and practicing how to apply them to our own situations and needs. At the end of the course, Students will understand and apply educational principles to their own life coaching method.

Course Content:
1. Theory of Andragogy (how adults learn differently from children)
2. Learning Styles
3. Transformational Theory
4. Experiential Learning Theory
5. The ADDIE Instructional Design Model
6. Putting It All Together!

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