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Coach Mentoring: Launching your first quality course

One of the benefits of membership in DiscoverYourPathU is access to courses, live discussions groups, and perhaps most importantly, individual mentorship. Each of the founding members is available to mentor up to five of our members at a time in setting up their coaching practice.

So, while perhaps you join for the workshops, practice pods (where you can practice and refine your skills(, learning technology and business skills, you may need more than just a course or discussion group to launch your first online course.

At the moment, we have mentoring available for coaching, branding, setting up your website, business presence, and even launching online courses on Udemy or another platform.

Why launch an online course?

Irrespective of whether you decide to launch a pre-recorded or a live course, an online course allows you to reach a much larger audience than one-on-one coaching. It also allows you to increase your self-promotion, creating a greater buy-in for your high-ticket coaching products.

Clients will get to experience you and the value you bring to them, before they reach that place of individual coaching packages. Through your online course, you can demonstrate the skills that perhaps you already take for granted.

Additionally, remember that online learning provides a more flexible environment, where the student can work at their own pace.

For you, it has the benefit of being repeatable. You can make your online courses as long or as short as you desire, doing the work once and then coming back to it with updates and upgrades over time, making it into something new, even.

Seven things to know when launching your online course:

Ads and marketing

Facebook ads and a big marketing budget are not what guarantee your successful launch! First, you need to make sure you are targeting the right people – your clients, rather than everyone.

Do you

While it’s tempting to model your course or your launch on someone else’s, because you presume that it has worked for them, do you. For starters, how do you know that they weren’t doing a loss-leader? What strategy were they using when they decided to launch and do their course?

None of know the inner-workings of another’s mind, in order to have a complete idea of the strategy that someone else was using. You might have a different end/client in mind, or perhaps your purpose in launching the course differs from theirs.

Affiliates won’t sell for you

While affiliates are a great thing to have selling your courses, the reality is that they will only add a small amount to the sale of your courses. What really sells your courses is you. Not someone else. Their ideal client is most likely different from yours, and so their market may have a small overlap with yours. But not all of their clients will be your clients.

Rather than counting on affiliate sales, consider that an extra bonus.

Branding & name matters

Everything in branding should be a reflection of you. Every message, post and email is a reflection of who you are and the services that you offer. So, the course that you are putting out to the work, whether pre-recorded or live, should reflect your branding and message.

Preparation for launch

There is so much more to getting the course launched than simply preparing (and recording) your course. Obviously, the course itself is very important, but equally important are other parts of the launch, like:

  • Your landing page: where will people sign up? What will this landing page say?
  • Your emails and copy: when someone inquires about the course, what will you respond? If someone signs up, do you have a thank you and introductory information already prepared? What posts do you have ready?
  • Be available to answer questions. Not everyone will automatically sign up. Some people may reach out to ask you questions, and you should be ready for this interaction.

Be ready to repeat yourself a whole lot.

You can bootstrap it in tech

Even if you are doing a prerecorded course, you can start with a bootstrap budget for technology.


You can invest in that later: you don’t have to invest it in on the first course. Instead, spend your money and energy on your message, the course content, and your branding.

You don’t need a VA yet, either. Automate your emails and posts instead.

The user’s experience matters

The experience the whole way through the process, from the first post or ad that they see regarding your course, all the way through to completing the final review for you.

Pour yourself into every post, every live video, every email, your marketing campaigns, and every thing you do. Can they see you and your message consistently?

What to expect from the Coach Mentor?

Mentoring is about mastering your skills: taking them up a notch. So, it will focus on your experience and guidance more than teaching.

Nevertheless, at DiscoverYourPathU we offer courses that can help you unible your business as a coach, so a mentor could assist you in choosing which courses are essential at this time in your journey.

Alternatively, you might want a coach that will guide you in the actual practice of coaching clients, or learning to run your business better (best practices and policies).

For resources, we offer a wide range of possible resources, such as:

  • New client questionnaire
  • Coaching agreement template
  • Client intake checklist
  • Terms and conditions temp[late

When looking at the DiscoverYourPathU mentors, consider whose career path most resonates with you and how their individual message resounds.

Additional information

The following are some of the courses that are available to DiscoverYourPathU members (as part of their yearly membership fee):

  • Tech 101 for Beginners, by Samantha Dee
  • Techie Tips & Tricks, also by Samantha Dee
  • Perfect Program Planner, by Misty Flanagan

Both Samantha and Misty have experience in self-publishing on Amazon, as well as having courses already pre-recorded and selling on Udemy.

In-person mentoring is available from any one of our founding members:

  • Misty Flanagan
  • Samantha Dee
  • Sarah Whalen
  • Margaret Gundersen-Doxey
  • Andrea Hendron
  • Jeffrey Keefer
  • Beth Gray

Why not ask us for more information today?

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