Woman climbing wall overcoming obstacles

Becoming a Life Coach: Overcoming Obstacles

Becoming a Coach

When I was becoming a Life Coach and setting up an online business, I thought all I needed was to set up my website, set up an appointments widget, and work out the details of how I would get paid.  I failed to consider that perhaps it wasn’t just that easy, and reality hit me in the face!  Defeating obstacles that I hadn’t taken into account were the ones that really got me.

The reality is — being certified as a coach isn’t enough.  There is a lot more to becoming a life coach than just getting certified, getting your website up and sitting and waiting for clients to show up.

At DiscoverYourPathU – we believe every life can teach and everyone can grow. We aim to create  an environment for our members where authentic connection and kindness are creatively expressed in communal practice.

Woman climbing wall overcoming obstacles

One of the ways in which we do this is highlight for members the obstacles that they will most likely face in setting up their coaching practice and then teaching them the solutions to addressing obstacles.  DiscoverYourPathU is successful when the coaches that we work with are successful in setting up their practices, having great clarity about their path and purpose!

Overcoming Obstacles

If we are realistic – if there weren’t any obstacles to achieving your goal, it wouldn’t be a goal.  It would simply be a task!  So, let’s consider some of the potential obstacles that you will face in creating your coaching practice and discovering your path.

Failure to identify your purpose – WHY do you want to be a coach?

One of the hardest issues we face when we are overcoming obstacles or setting up our coaching practice is identifying our purpose.  This is the question “why“.  But I would like to suggest an easy solution to the question why – which involves not using the word “why”!

Why is such a difficult question to answer!  So, I want to suggest that you use a different question:

What is it about _______________ that is important to me?

And don’t think too much about the answer – answer as quickly and shortly as you can.  Perhaps note down two to three things about the importance of this (let’s say this is 1A, 1B, & 1C).  And then ask yourself again

What is it about my answer that is important to me?

With the same level of authenticity and speed, write down your two or three things that are important… these are now items 2A, 2B & 2C…

You want to do down to about seven levels in your answer, until your answer is such that it really strikes a cord within you of “oh, this is my why”, “this is my purpose”.  You may find that you get down to the 6th or 7th level, and the answers are ringing true, but you feel that there might be more.  In this case, go back to answer 1B, and ask yourself

What about that answer that is important to me?

Take this response down six or seven levels.  Find that one response and purpose that truly resonates as being the single most important purpose in your coaching. You will know when you reach it!

Choosing your niche

This is as important as finding your “why”: what is your unique contribution?  What is that problem that you help others to solve, that will help you flourish and stand out from the thousands of other coaches?

One of the most important things about discovering your particular niche – that problem that you work effortlessly to solve with clients – is that instead of fishing in an ocean, you create your own private pond!  When you set up your Facebook page, your website, your instagram or whatever your marketing forum choice is – you need a concrete personal brand, vision and message.  This message must speak to their wants, needs & desires.  What makes you different from another coach – how do you solve the client’s problem?

Be solution-oriented, not service-oriented.

When you have clearly identified your personal path – what makes you stand out from the crowd – then you are better able to create for your clients an effective model for change.  A process and package that you personally have proven, vetted and researched.  You want to ensure that what you are offering the client is designed to help them look at their life, their problems and their relationship with the world from a new perspective.  How will your clients be transformed from the inside out?

Setting up an online business

Many coaches, because they start this as a side-gig or run it from home, fail to think of their coaching as a business.  If you choose to be self-employed as a coach — you are running your own business. You are the business!

This means that in setting up a business, you need to have a good grasp of the financial, business, marketing, accounting, business development, and product development ideas that are required for your business to thrive.  This includes investing your money, knowing how much to charge, and understanding what’s required for the growth of the business.

Setting up an online business requires mastering two key components:

  1. the front end — getting clients in the door through your marketing & branding
  2. the back end — having the products and services to offer clients that want to buy from you.  What are the value-rich content and programs that will transform your clients’ lives?

Additionally, you need to ensure that you understand how you will invoice, report your income, submit and pay your taxes, and understand what insurance you may be required to have to cover your practice.

At DiscoverYourPathU – we have programs that will teach you to master these aspects – like a finishing school for coaches!  We offer business mentoring and not simply training of how to become a coach.

Branding, promotion & marketing

One of the reasons that we mention first identifying your “why” and your niche is that your branding, promotion and marketing should all be aimed at delivering your individual message to the world.  Once you have discovered your path, it’s time to get this message out into the world.

Social media is a great way to connect and communicate your message.  Once you know who your potential clients are, then you can work on discovering which social media platform works best to find that client.  What is the marketing strategy that will best reach this age group / profile of your ideal client?

Networking is essential as well in this journey. It’s not just marketing and sales – it’s engaging with and creating connection with this audience – a enthusiastic community that you serve and work with.

You will probably also need to prepare free programs and materials that will create your audience and captive market, before they are willing to pay you for your services.  This may include creating YouTube videos, webinars or other programs that you can offer so that clients will sign up with you.

Becoming a Life Coach

Other potential obstacles that show up along the way might be:

  1. Lack of information – you can get so much more information through DiscoverYourPathU.com
  2. Lack of skill – why not try out our weekly Practice Pods to hone your skills?
  3. Limiting beliefs – our members all get one-to-one coaching throughout the process as well as being assigned a mentor when they are in special programs
  4. Well-being – are you taking proper care of yourself?
  5. Other people – who is in your circle of influence?
  6. Fear – what do you need in order to feel courageous?
  7. Time – we have coaches that specialise in planning and time management
  8. Money – the cost of training with DiscoverYourPathU.com is very economical

Overcoming Obstacles

When becoming a life coach, there are always going to be obstacles, no matter what your goal and objective is.  That is one of lifes realities.  But you can always be prepared and foresee most of the obstacles along the way.

Here are some final thoughts and ideas about making the road to success easier for yourself.

  1. Identify necessary resources – before you really get started on the journey, identify what you will need along the way and when you might need to have it by.  What will this resource cost you?  Who might be able to help you?  What do you need to learn?
  2. Gain perspective – this may be joining a mastermind or a support group of like-minded professionals.  It may be an accountability group or a mentor. It may even be having your own coach. The important thing is – set yourself up with the support network that you need before you need it – so that you can gain perspective on obstacles as and when they arise.
  3. Stay focused and committed – understand that the obstacles will arise and that you will need to overcome, go around or dig under them.  This will require extra energy and effort!  Make the commitment to stay the course in setting up an online business, knowing that it may well take longer and be harder than you are expecting!  But know that all of this is part of your journey & growth!

I hope you’ve found this short post on overcoming obstacles useful in helping you discover your path as a coach, healer or helper.

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