About Us

DiscoverYourPathU, LLC (‘DYPU’) is a learning platform and style that is unique and highly personalized.  We believe that every life can teach and everyone can grow, so we have created a product that caters to those learners who dare to be authentic.  It doesn’t matter if you are a student, instructor, seeker or social butterfly… DYPU welcomes you and has something to offer you.

This community and learning platform are the response to an obvious need.  All of the members of the Board of Directors are multiple-modality practitioners who have travelled in “helper” circles over the years.  Be they Karuna Reiki Masters, NLP practitioners, PhDs, hypnotists, empaths and/or life coaches, each has longed for a learning community that celebrates, welcomes and caters to authenticity.

At DYPU, we believe that there is no helper, student, coach, teacher and/or seeker more powerful than the one who is following his or her own path. Like the Knights of the Round Table, we have entered the forest where it is darkest, with no visible path.   We are not following in the footsteps of another, but, instead, blazing our own trail, on our own terms. This dedication to our own authenticity is an integral key to making the most profound and lasting impact in our own lives and the lives of others.

More than anything, we want you to be who you are.  Not a carbon copy or replica, but an original work of art who is consciously and profoundly aware of your uniqueness and your worth. That is where your power is. There are no individual gurus here. The community is the guru, and you are a part of the community.

So join us. Walk with us. Learn with us. Grow with us. Let us teach you to expect more.

At DiscoverYourPathU we believe that every life can teach, and everyone can grow.

The Zen Ten (#ZenTen)

Picture of Margaret Doxey
Margaret Doxey, CEO

Hello, I am Margaret Doxey a member of the #zenten and the Pres. & CEO founding member of Discover Your Path U. I am the owner of Soulstice Life Coaching, as well as co-creator of The Journey Beyond Pain and Life Coach Tribal Support.

I am a former Director of Communications and Corrections Officer; I answered my #calling2passion, where I followed my heart to become a Leadership and Communications Coach. I have 25+ years’ experience in leadership and communication.

I am passionate to teach others to be compassionate leaders and communicators. I am working to banish the harsh overbearing ego driven leaders for those who are creative compassionate and soul driven. Along with my passion for marketing and promotion, I can be found in DYPU Business school along my amazing colleagues.

Sharon Frochen
Sharon Frochen, COO

Hello!  My name is Sharon Frochen and I am a member of the #zenten, Chief Operating Officer and faculty at Discover Your Path U.  I am the founder and owner of The Phoenix Reboot, the creator of the Foolprooof Freedom workshop series, co-creator of the Divine Shenanigans Soul Sense Panel, and co-creator of The Journey Beyond Pain workshop series.  I am a multi-modality practitioner, combining applied psychology and spirituality into a new intuitive practice.

I specialize in presence.  I specialize in the mind tweaks of NLP, the vocal sorcery of hypnosis and meditation/journeying, a wealth of ancient wisdom, and guided energy work.  I believe that each of us are profoundly powerful technology, with a user manual that has been largely lost to us over the ages. It is possible to reconnect to that manual.  Literally, the world is ours for the thinking.

Each of us can reboot.  Each of us can rise from the ashes of our former selves.  Each of us can evolve.

Sarah Whalen
Sarah Whalen, CFO

In addition to being a founding member of DYPU and CFO, I’m an
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Certified Master mBIT Coach
& Trainer, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, mBIT Innergetics Coach, Intuitive, Empath, burgeoning Energy Healer, Former Accountant and Business Consultant.

I have a passion for helping people find their way back to optimal
health and wellness using my Integrative Nutrition Health

Coaching skills in combination with mBraining. After a decade- long journey to reclaim my own health, I am dedicated to helping you regain yours!

I have over 30 years of experience in business, coaching and volunteer work, with a passion for learning and inspiring people to live creatively,
compassionately and courageously by supporting and empowering change and personal excellence. I specialize in working with ambitious people who are on a path of rediscovery, who want to live in a deeply connected way, by opening internal channels, healing emotional wounds and aligning their passions with their purpose.

Picture of Karen 'KB' Armstrong
Karen Armstrong, co-CFO

In addition to being a co-founder and faculty member of DYPU, I am a Consciousness Educator, Life Coach and Certified Hypnotist (Certifications: Life Coaching, Certified Hypnotist, NLP practitioner and CBT practitioner).  

I help people dealing with anxiety, depression, stress and/or overwhelm

  • identify then remove or grow through EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS
  • change the negative INNER DIALOGUE in their minds to a positive one
  • find PEACE, CALM AND CLARITY in their busy life
  • answer the questions ‘WHO AM I’ and ‘WHAT DO I WANT’
  • CONSCIOUSLY LIVE their life!

A picture of Jeffrey Keefer Ph.D, a DYPU Instructor
Jeffrey Keefer Ph.D cp-CEdO

My name is Jeffrey, and I help restless achievers identify the knowledge, skills, and beliefs they need to live a life of fulfillment and make a meaningful impact.

I am an open learning and nonprofit capacity building consultant, self-empowerment coach, professor, learning designer, educational researcher, and Wikipedian. I have 20 years of experience supporting and inspiring people to identify their learning needs, develop a personalized strategy for meeting them, and create an evaluation plan to assess success and satisfaction.

I believe many people struggle to find themselves and lead fulfilling lives because they are boxed into trying to meet the expectations other people in society set for them. In response, I strive to help people march to the beat of their own drum and celebrate their own paths, whatever that looks like, if it helps them to believe in themselves and move forward.

Sometimes we have to unlearn before we can really thrive!

A picture of Karen Richards, a DYPU Instructor
Karen Richards co-CEdO

I’m a Confidence Coach primarily for people who need clarity because they’re at a crossroads in the personal or professional lives. I work with artists, writers, life coaches, teachers and people whose minds are full of big ideas, but no direction.  My programs help people conquer their limiting beliefs and push past perceived obstacles in their lives and businesses.

My mission is to help people find confidence through creativity and conversation.  I teach people strategies and techniques to get clear about what they really want so they can get more accomplished to build the life of their dreams.  Most of my clients struggle with the isolation of being “solopreneurs.” So I become their partner in the process, working alongside them, holding them accountable and celebrating as their success builds and confidence grows.

A picture of Andrea Hendron, Chief Spiritual Officer at DYPU
Andrea Hendron, Chief Spiritual Officer at DYPU

Hi, I’m Andrea Hendron.  I find myself in the wonderful place of creation with “zenten”and the forming of Discover Your Path U.  I am their Chief Spiritual Officer. I’m a life long student and practitioner of the healing arts. My path has included Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, a career as a body worker and massage therapist.  In my journey of becoming me, I have been influenced by Hawaiian and Maori Shaman, saints and sages. My hearts has also led me to become a Life Coach and Mindfulness Practitioner.

I lead guided meditations that are expansive and soul healing.  My gifts are in the art of conversation and applying the healing arts.  We find the truths and untruths and what your visions for the future are.  Through conversations or Intuitive vision boards we find the way forward.

You can check out my Facebook lives on Discover Your Path U.  And if you feel a resonance contact me on Facebook at Andres’s Soul Chats.

A picture of Beth Gray, mBIT Coach and Founding Member of DYPu
Beth Gray, Secretary

In addition to being a founding member of DYPU and Company Secretary, I’m a Certified mBIT Coach, Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, Energy Healer, Ho’oponopono practitioner, EFT practitioner, and Empath. I also have more than 20 years experience as a corporate & international tax lawyer, business consultant, and retirement specialist.

I am passionate about helping people who have burnt out, or feel they are burning out, finding their balanced heart, with their passion & purpose. With innergetics & mBraining, I focus also on ditching the diet and facing the feelings to thrive in their health and wellness – assisting clients to release storage and feelings that lie beneath their storage.

After more than 15 years with Celiac disease, and the resulting depression and irritability that result from a gut that is all out of balance, I strive to help others find healthy balance in all aspects of their life.

A picture of Samantha 'Sammy Dee' Diegutis, a DYPU Instructor
Samantha Dee CTO

‘Ello! I’m Sammy Dee, a founding member and CTO at DYPU. I put a twenty-year I.T. career on the back-burner, to become a qualified Body Image & Self Esteem Coach. As well as Life Coaching, I am also a Mindfulness Master with additional studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Counselling.

I am passionate about women reclaiming their bodies and ditching the dieting farce – to get out of that hole and live their lives, without all that crap. So passionate, in fact, that I wrote a book entitled ‘My Big Fat…Fat’ and have a cookery series, soon the sequel, ‘My Big Fat…Kitchen’.

Since I have a head for tech, I answered my #calling2excellence and stepped up as CTO and part of DYPU Business School, along with my exemplary colleagues. If you’re heading in that direction, we will be able to take care of you right up to that first client – from confidence, branding, authenticity and the nitty-gritty tech stuff.

I also bring the funny, I won’t lie. See you on the inside!

A picture of Misty Flanagan, a DYPU Instructor
Misty Flanagan CMO

Hello!  I’m Misty, one of the founders of DYPU and the Chief Marketing Officer.  I am also the owner of Coaching By Misty, a wife, a Texan and a dog momma.

I work with clients to coach and provide consultation on all things around your personal brand as a coach.

My passion, and my purpose, is to work with coaches to help them get THEIR voice into the world.  To be fully, authentically themselves and show that to potential clients. I firmly believe that the right story in the right place can change a life, and if you’re not telling yours, you are missing that opportunity.

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