• rock bottom, the only way is up, climbing out of the hole, pulling yourself out of a rut, getting out a rut

    From rock bottom: the only way is up!

    Everyone has a different definition of "rock bottom". We experience it from our perspective, and yet there are lessons we share in common. Every life can teach and everyone can grow - how do your life lessons help someone else climb up and out?

  • Getting Unstuck from lifes’ shitty experience

    Does your mind get stuck on life’s small but shitty experiences? Are you giving all your attention and emotional energy to that one negative response, mean comment or unpleasant interaction, whilst ignoring the positive experiences, you had today?

  • the firm foundation of rock bottom, resources to rebuild yourself, support network, coaching, mentors, meditation, silence, success, examples of hitting rock bottom

    Rock bottom: how to make it the best place to start

    What is rock bottom and do you even need to hit it in order to make changes? Is rock bottom the place where life truly begins? How do you come back from rock bottom? Resources to rebuild yourself. What success stories do you relate to?

  • 'A New Dawn' by Samantha Dee | Thirty Days of Wellness | Online Course | Udemy | Health & Wellness

    On the Bed with Sammy Dee

    (Why making your bed every day might be the best thing you ever do) Do you ever have one of those days where you’re busy busy but at the end of the day feel like you’ve completed or accomplished nothing?

  • 'A New Dawn' by Samantha Dee | Thirty Days of Wellness | Online Course | Udemy | Health & Wellness

    Why That Fricken’ Headache Won’t Go Away

    (Managing pain with Sammy Dee) “Oh, I might have a headache coming. Yep I’ve got a headache. Now it’s getting worse. Jesus its splitting. Now if it gets any worse I’m not going to be able to switch the light on to get ready for work. It won’t go away. Why won’t it go away? Why have I got a headache in the first place? Now I have to run for the bus. That’s made the pain worse. Now I’m going to be late for work. This headache is making me feel sick. Oh god I’ve got that meeting at nine I’m never going to get through that with this…

  • 'A New Dawn' by Samantha Dee | Thirty Days of Wellness | Online Course | Udemy | Health & Wellness

    Talking to Yourself; Not as Insane as you Might Think

    (The science behind Mirror Affirmations) ‘I could never do that,’ ‘I’m not all that creative,’ ‘Mondays suck,’ ‘Tried that once, it didn’t work,’ ‘I just don’t get tech,’ ‘I don’t have a head for languages.’

  • 5 ways to spot a sleezy business coach, and how to avoid them

    If you have been trying to launch a business online for more than 15 minutes, I’m willing to bet that you have been approached or pitched to by a business coach. Now I’m going to make it clear FIRST THING – we are NOT all bad!  There are MANY business coaches out there who are honest, hardworking and really just looking to help people. I’m not going to talk about them today. The sad truth is that coaching has been a booming industry for the last few years, attracting many people who see it as a get rich quick scheme.  They are not out there to help people so much…

  • The DYPU Facebook Live CHALLENGE

    Are you struggling with your business content? Everyone tells you that Facebook lives are great, but how the heck do you do one? What do you talk about? What if you’re afraid? If that’s you, hold onto your seat because next week is DESIGNED to help!