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We welcome anyone who has life experiences that they want to share with a wider community. Whether you’ve taught before or not, you found your tribe. Share your experiences with our community – whether that’s in a Live Discussion or a pre-made teaching or story, you just found your tribe!

Personal growth can take many forms. If you’re curious about esoteric or subjects around coaching or helping, or how they could be used in your business, then we’re for you. If you just want to hang out in a vibrant and growing community, we’re definitely for you! DYPU are a welcoming and curious bunch, and we’d love to meet you!

Every Life can Teach

Come and hang out in the community or attend one of our live events. Become a Contributor memberget in touch with any of us to find out more!

Everyone can Grow

We’d love to meet you – come hang out in our Community, browse our Events, read our Blog, or find out more about #TheZenTen! We look forward to meeting you!

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